Quick Track OMNI - GPS Tracking System

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// Description

The Quick Track OMNI system takes tracking to the next generation! You’re able to view tracking information from your compatible smartphone or tablet. The FREE interactive app allows an easy-to-use hunter interface and the highest satellite map resolution yet. Satellite terrain, topo, and street view maps are available and can be pre-loaded or streamed.

We know that you’re often hunting in remote areas when cell coverage is limited – no problem! The OMNI system can still track without any cell signal on your phone. OMNI offers many options to customize the screen to your viewing preference. For example, you might like to view “bread crumbs” (a visual trail of the path that your dog has taken). You might like to see each dog’s name displayed on your map, or his selected collar color. These viewing options can be turned on or off to suit your preferences. You can also view the screen in day mode or night mode as desired.

And for ultimate flexibility, OMNI is capable of having collars paired to both your smartphone AND your tablet, allowing you to switch between the two viewing devices as you choose. You might like the larger screen on your tablet when hunting from your vehicle, but prefer the small size and convenience of your phone when hunting on foot – OMNI delivers.
Designed and tested by houndsmen, the Quick Track OMNI is second to none for range, map detail/resolution, ease of use, dependability and price.

// How the OMNI System Works

The OMNI collar transmits your dog’s satellite (GPS) position via radio frequency to the OMNI receiver. The OMNI receiver then provides all the information needed to the Quick Track app via Bluetooth. The OMNI receiver and your smartphone or tablet must stay within Bluetooth range (approximately 15 feet). Cell coverage is not required to track because your maps can be pre-loaded prior to your hunt and saved on your device. However if you do have cell coverage where you hunt you can stream the maps which is like downloading and saving your maps on the go.

// OMNI System Features

  • Dog’s satellite (GPS) position is sent to your map
  • Bluetooth allows mobility for you – connect the receiver to a long-range roof mount antenna and still move freely outside your truck while viewing the hunt on your app
  • Track up to 10 dogs
  • Receiver uses standard AA batteries (included) that are user-replaceable. Runtime approximately 36 hours.
  • Advanced algorithm and inertial measurement unit provides dead reckoning position information when satellites are obstructed
  • Capable of pairing receiver to both your smartphone or tablet (you can easily switch between the 2 viewing devices)
  • Includes convenient quick-release belt clip and a belt loop for receiver
  • Range is second to None.


// OMNI Collar Features

  • Durable 1-Inch strap with square-buckle included
  • Power the collar on by removing the magnet; reinsert the magnet to power the collar off
  • Battery lasts approximately 24 hours
  • Rechargeable


// App Features

  • Easy-to-use hunter interface and the highest satellite map resolution yet. Satellite terrain, topo, and street view maps are available and can be pre-loaded or streamed.
  • Information bar provides the battery life of your receiver, magnetic heading, and access to the one-touch compass screen
  • Selected dog information is located on bottom of the map page and provides the battery life of the collar, your distance to the collar, and bearing to collar
  • Touch screen makes map zooming and panning easy
  • “Locate” feature snaps any desired dog, your current location, or a waypoint to the center of your map screen
  • Touch the dog icon on the map or use locate feature to switch between dog/waypoint information bars
  • Easily create waypoints and drag and drop them to your desired location
  • Day and night screen modes
  • Customize your hunt screen by turning on/off bread crumbs, dog name, or dog icon
  • Switch between your tablet and smartphone with ease


// What's Required

  • You must have a compatible Apple or Android Smartphone or Tablet (download the free Quick Track OMNI App on the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices)
  • Your phone or tablet must be Bluetooth smart or Bluetooth smart ready (often called Bluetooth 4.0).
  • Bluetooth must be turned on and your receiver and smartphone/tablet must stay within Bluetooth range (approximately 15 feet).
  • OMNI System: Which includes an OMNI receiver and OMNI collar