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The QTC-Nano uses our proven radio collar technology.  QTC-Nano weighs an amazing 0.55 ounces, will run continuous for 6 days, provides the same long range as our QTC- XL extended range collars, and is waterproof. The Nano is powered by a CR 2032 3V battery which is changeable by the hunter. The QTC-Nano is designed to work with any of our model QTR receivers or telemetry receiver of your choice and can be programmed on any frequency from 216 to 221 Mhz. You can purchase replaceable CR 2032 3V batteries from us for only $0.50 per battery.

The QTC-Nano comes with a protective position sleeve, 10 batteries, and simply attaches onto your existing GPS tracking collars. The QTC-Nano can be used as a standalone tracking collar or as a tag along which will provide more range and battery life than any GPS tracking collar. If you intend to use as a standalone tracking collar please specify in the remarks section when ordering.