Roof Mount Antenna (OMNI or Pathfinder)

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Take advantage of the Bluetooth capability of the OMNI system and extend the range of your system without having to be tethered to the roof mount antenna coax.  The roof mount antenna will increase the range and performance of your Quick Track OMNI system.  The OMNI collar transmits your dog’s satellite (GPS) position via radio frequency to the OMNI receiver. The OMNI receiver then provides all the information needed to the Quick Track app via Bluetooth. The OMNI receiver and your smartphone or tablet must stay within Bluetooth range (approximately 15 feet).  You are able to connect the roof mount antenna to your OMNI receiver while hunting from your vehicle or side by side and still move freely in and around your vehicle or side by side while viewing the hunt on your smartphone or tablet.  

And for ultimate flexibility, OMNI is capable of having collars paired to both your smartphone AND your tablet, allowing you to switch between the two viewing devices as you choose. You might like the larger screen on your tablet when hunting from your vehicle, but prefer the small size and convenience of your phone when hunting on foot – OMNI delivers.